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1 HOUSE = 1000 HOMES

This initiative of TAO aims to source funds through the 1house=1000 homes project to develop two model housing options that is on-site and in-city in Navotas: water houses (houses-on-stilts over water) and a resettlement site in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan: garden homes (houses-on-stilts over land with an integrated livelihood component to facilitate sustainability).

This Spring Performance Space presents 1 House = 1000 Homes , a new art and architecture project
that proposes the speculative financial redistribution of an Australian home. Led by artist and
undergraduate architect Mathieu Gallois and graduate architects Caz Comino and Vesna Trobec this
concept-driven exhibition will inhabit the expansive foyer space of Sydney’s iconic CarriageWorks
from 23 October –14 November.

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