Reflection: CB – SWM Re-echoing Experience

by Emil

“Hindi porket mahirap ka, na nakatira ka sa isang squatter’s area, tagpi tagpi lang bahay mo, eh nangangahulugang wala ka nang magagawa na ikagaganda ng paligid mo.”

I remember myself speaking my heart out to a friend while we share each other’s stories on helping out communities. Right after graduating on college months ago, it’s been my desire to reach out communities, preferably urban poor communities with a mission of sharing what I learned from both my academic and non-academic experiences.

And the very lines I spoke out to my friend were the same lines I used to conclude the two day seminar – workshops we had with the Rogate Youth (of the Saint Hannibal Christian Community, Pasay City) about Community – Based Solid Waste Management (CB – SWM).

More than the fun we had on our group dynamics; the seminar was worthwhile for both the 13 – member CB – SWM Youth Group and the 30 plus participants as we engaged with the eye – opening realities of the environmental and ecological situation of our communities.

Both the members of the group and the participants share with the desire of reducing (if not completely eliminating) wastes and the problems associated with it. Let’s take for instance Tripa Galina River alongside the participants’ residences. Trashes nearly covering most of the river are at site.  Read more ..

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