Who can access the technical services of TAO-Pilipinas?
TAO-Pilipinas assists only organized poor communities at socialized rates. TAO-Pilipinas does not provide free services for the poor. TAO-Pilipinas does not believe in dole out services and values the contribution of the community financially or otherwise to the development of the project.

Who are the organized poor communities?

Organized poor refers to a group of people living together in an area as neighbors/community. The group must have an agreed name, registered under the SEC, a set of officers and list of active members, with socio-economic profile (to help us assess your affordability level). Organized poor communities must show the following documents as proof:

  • SEC registration, showing location/address of the community, Articles of Incorporation and By-laws
  • List of officers and members
  • Socio-Economic Profile

What technical services does TAO-Pilipinas offer for organized poor communities?

Under HSE Program, TAO-Pilipinas extends assistance in land survey, community planning, house design, design of community facilities, operationalization of community-based solid waste management at the community level, self-help construction of houses or community facilities, in consultation with the community members, according to their needs and affordability.

What do poor communities need to prepare when consulting with TAO-Pilipinas?
For land survey
, the community should know the land owner and should have an agreement between the land owner and the community that the owner is willing to sell the subject land to the community. The community MUST first visit and inspect the said site and determined that the title is CLEAN, before deciding to buy and survey. The following documents are needed:For Verification/Boundary/Relocation/ SurveyVerification/Boundary/Relocation survey refers to the survey of the property boundary based on the technical description found in the title. This survey is done to determine whether the existing monuments that define the boundary of the property are correctly located. New monuments shall also be placed on their supposed locations on the ground if there are no existing boundary monuments/markers.

  • certified true copy of the title of the land
  • authority to survey issued by the land owner

For Subdivision/Segregation Survey

Subdivision survey refers to the survey of the land divided into smaller parcels according to specifications set by the client. Each smaller lot is defined by a set of boundaries defined by the technical description based on computed survey results. Approval of subdivision survey is required for the issuance of land title for each generated lot in a subdivision. Approval is issued by the Bureau of Lands or the Land Registration Authority. Approval of the subdivision plan for the subdivision development is issued by the City Planning and Development Office or its assigned office.

  • certified true copy of the title of the land
  • authority to survey issued by the land owner
  • number of occupants
  • preferred lot size

For conceptual development plan of occupied but un-owned land

Conceptual development plan – a set of plans showing the approximate possible layout of a community – the road network, houses, community facilities and open spaces; possible direction of development, quality of development, phasing of development taking into consideration the needs, economic capacity of the community and resources available.

  • Title or technical description of the land,
  • Master list of benefitting occupants (those who will be given a slot)
  • Affordability level per family (how much can you pay to purchase the land and for how long?)
  • preferred lot area
  • community facilities needed
  • Information on surrounding areas (land use, existing buildings/facilities (closest elementary and high school, church, health center, daycare center, market, grocery store, hardware, pharmacy, transportation terminal or access to public transportation.

For house design

  • Subdivision plan with identified lots for houses to be planned
  • Number of occupants per house
  • Number of floors
  • Affordability level
  • Preferred materials for the house

How much does TAO-Pilipinas charge for the services?
If you are ready with the needed documents and information and decided about what you need, contact us directly. If you are a qualified urban poor community we will be glad to make payment arrangements affordable to you.

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