1 October 2010 ACCA Navotas Network General Assembly

Five community organizations from two barangays in Navotas held its first general assembly last 1 October 2010 in M/S Noah Training Center, Barangay Tanza, Navotas. Some guests were present including Bishop Deogracias Iniguez, from the Diocese of Kalookan, Emma Manjares and company of Damayan ng Mamamayang Pilipinong Api (DAMPA), Ms. Leonora Acosta of M/S Noah Training Center, the Barangay Secretary of Tanza, and Jayne Banayad, a representative from the Office of Congressman Tobias Tiangco.

The program started with an opening prayer led by Lolita Caparino, of Masagana of Navotas Neighborhood Association followed by the opening remarks by Rogelio R. Sario of Samahang Pantalan Uno.An introduction about ACCA Navotas Network and its projects was presented by Marginela B. Brucelo of Masagana of Navotas Neighborhood Association. Issues, problems and plans were presented by representatives from each of the 5 member-organizations: Menelo S. Abueva from Masagana of Navotas Neighborhood Association; Rogelio R. Sario from Samahang Pantalan Uno; Cecilia A. Virtuz from Samahan ng Kababaihan sa Dulong Tangos; and Rosa Estipanio from Samahan ng Maliliit na Mangangalakal sa R. Domingo. An annual report was also presented by Arlene Christy D. Lusterio of TAO-Pilipinas, Inc. the NGO proponent of the ACCA project in Navotas City. Bishop Iniguez, Ms. Manjares of Dampa and Ms. Leonora Acosta of M/S Noah Training Center shared their praises and support to the efforts of the communities in Navotas.

Bishop Deo pointed out that good and successful community initiatives are good models that should be shared and replicated in other poor communities especially in Navotas. He further added that Caritas Kalookan have programs for the poor and there is an Urban Poor Ministry that extends supports to urban poor related issues in the Diocese of Kalookan which includes the city of Navotas.

Ms. Emma Manjares congratulated the network for all the efforts it has achieved and extended support in the setup of Botika Binhi in communities in Barangay Tangos. She also mentioned the possibility of setting up the Botika ng Barangay with support from the Department of Health (DOH). DAMPA partners with DOH in extending affordable medicine to poor communities they assist. Ms. Manjares also extended support to the provision of reproductive health services such as  pap smear through an endorsement to the Philippine Cancer Society. The  patient will only need to pay PhP50.00 for the laboratory analysis. The organizations only need to set the date for the conduct of pap smear in their community. Ms. Emma also added the the possibility for computer literacy through thr Korean group Hanvi who is alos working in Navotas.

Ms. Acosta of M/S Noah Training Center shared her interest in the projects of ACCA and opened the possibility of networking with their Alumni who are in Navotas to generate added support to the project especially in extending small loans to the poor communities. She also expressed agreement to the importance of extending affordable health services to very poor families and shared her own initiative to really prepare in advance for the health needs of her family as it is of utmost importance. The summary was presented by Josephine B. Castillo of DAMPA and the closing remarks was given by Menelo S. Abueva of Masagana of Navotas Neighborhood Association.

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